Modular, reusable transmission tower systems

ERS with Lindsey

The leading choice of utilities around the world, Lindsey Emergency Restoration System (ERS) structures are designed to rapidly bypass permanent transmission towers at any voltage in any terrain. Lindsey ERS can be erected in hours and are suitable for hand, crane, and helicopter installation methods.

Though designed for temporary use, many utilities have kept Lindsey towers in continuous service for over a decade and counting because of their robust design.

Terrain Conquered

Lindsey ERS have been used in practically every terrain found around the world.

Lindsey ERS structures support mountain-to-mountain spans in the Himalayas, EHV lines crossing the hot, hard-packed sands of the Middle East, and in the soft-soiled flood plains and estuaries of Southeast Asia.

Flat, hilly, or mountainous terrain? Loose, rocky, hard-packed or marshy soils? Lindsey’s ERS engineering team can work with you to determine the best gimbaled structure design, and the most appropriate foundation bases, anchor types and installation methods for your system. Have the confidence that Lindsey ERS can conquer your terrain.

An Essential Part of Grid Resiliency

Damage is Always Unplanned

Storms, soil erosion, ice, earthquakes, flooding and willful acts all can damage or destroy towers. Lightweight Lindsey ERS structures are designed to rapidly get lines back in service. By quickly and safely bypassing damaged permanent structures, ERS structures allow you to rebuild or replace the permanent structures without time constraints.

Support during Construction and Maintenance

Lindsey ERS structures have been used to bypass transmission lines around towers or entire substations that are under construction or being maintained, replaced, or expanded.


Lindsey ERS structures have been the leading choice of utilities for decades to provide for unscheduled tower restoration and scheduled construction.

Versatility is our Hallmark

Lindsey ERS structures are completely modular and reusable. All system components can be used to configure dead-end, running angle, tangent, herringbone, and chainette structures. Requiring no special foundation, suitable for any soil, and capable for use at any voltage, AC or DC, Lindsey ERS structures provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Lineman Safe and Lineman Friendly

Lineman safety and convenience are built in to every Lindsey ERS. Compatible with all commercially-available fall arrest systems, linemen feel safe using familiar gear. Wide, comfortable footing means confident climbing, supporting as many as 4 workers at the same level. A variety of platforms, lifts, hoists, and other accessories simplify and speed installation. Lindsey ERS structures use only permanent anchors for safety during construction.

Four LINDSEY Models

1070-Series ERS

The Gold Standard

Our 1070-Series ERS are fully compliant with the design, testing, AND dimensional requirements of IEEE Standard 1070-2006, “Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structural Components”.

Size: 2.4 MB

600L-Series ERS

Compact and Light

When lightweight and compact storage are paramount, Lindsey 600L-Series ERS are the solution. Physically the lightest ERS system on the market, this ERS is ideal when carrying the ERS system components by hand in the field is expected. While light in weight, the 600L-Series still has almost twice the buckling strength of other non-fully IEEE Std. 1070 compliant ERS systems. All 600L-Series components, including column structure segments, fit neatly into standard 20-foot shipping containers, making for compact storage and security of inventory.

Size: 3.4 MB

600H-Series ERS

Compact and Tough

Almost identical to the 600L-Series, the 600H-Series uses larger structural elements for greater buckling strength, while still being easy to transport by hand and store. The 600H achieves 90% of the 1070-Series rigidity while still providing for compact storage. All 600H-Series components, including column structure segments, fit neatly into standard 20 foot shipping containers, making for compact storage and security of inventory.

Size: 3 MB

800-Series ERS

For Very Heavy Loads and/or Helicopter Assembly

The 800-Series is designed to support the heaviest, most-challenging conductor loads with ease. Designed for lines spanning the French Alps, the 800-Series has 3 times the critical buckling load capacity of our popular 600L-Series, and twice that of the 1070-Series. While all ERS towers can be installed by helicopter, the 800-Series allows for assembly by helicopter, with a unique optional alignment and centering frame designed to assist helicopter pilots in landing tower sections on top of foundations or already installed tower sections. Like Lindsey’s 600L- and 600H-Series ERS structures, the 800-Series is export friendly, easily fitting into standard shipping containers

Size: 3 MB


Comparing our four ERS models to the next best alternative.

ERS Comparison Table

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ERS Models

If you're looking for

Relative Buckling Strength

Column Section Weight

Fall Arrest System

Standards Compliance

Flat Climbing Surfaces



Stores in 20' Containers


High-strength, lightest-weight components for hand transport, and compact storage




IEEE Std 1070 Design and Testing; IEC 60652


Manual, Crane, Helicopter

All extruded or plate aluminum construction


600H- Series

Very high strength and compact storage




IEEE Std 1070 Design and Testing; IEC 60652


Manual, Crane, Helicopter

All extruded or plate aluminum construction



Very high strength and full compliance to IEEE Std. 1070




IEEE Std 1070 Design, Testing and Dimensions; IEC 60652


Manual, Crane, Helicopter

All extruded or plate aluminum construction

Yes for all except column sections


Extremely high strength, optional hands- free helicopter assembly, compact storage




IEEE Std 1070 Design and Testing; IEC 60652


Manual, Crane, Helicopter installation, and Helicopter assembly

All extruded or plate aluminum construction


Non- Lindsey

See full table


(2.6 - 2.8m)

Proprietary and not compatible with all



Manual, Crane, Helicopter



Construction Methods

Modular Reusable transmission tower systems

Lindsey ERS structures have been designed by engineers that have been installing ERS in the worst locations around the globe for over 30 years. Manual Installation, on the ground, and in the air, we can do it in every situation.

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All Lindsey ERS structures are designed and manufactured to the highest standards

Reliability and Safety

  • Design and proof tested to IEEE Standard 1070-2006, the only world-wide accepted standard for ERS. Lindsey 1070-series ERS are also fully compliant with the dimensional requirements of this standard.
  • Testing performed in accordance with IEC-60652 “Loading Tests on Overhead Line Structures.”
  • Lindsey is ISO-9001:2008 Certified for Design and Manufacture of ERS

Nobody trains better than Lindsey

Nothing replaces training on your equipment in your locale. Lindsey training programs are led by ERS engineers with deep application knowledge and years of experience. Lindsey will train at a central training facility, or even in the field on an actual job site. Your equipment. Hands on. Knowledge gained.

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