Underground Sensors

NEW 0.3% Metering Accuracy Option Voltage Sensors

Lindsey Systems’ line of ElbowSense™ voltage sensors are now available in a 0.3% metering accuracy version. ElbowSense voltage sensors are available in standard IEEE Std 386 200A elbow and tee-body configurations, and as a voltage plug for 600A cable installations.  See our ElbowSense Voltage Sensor Fact Sheet for more information.

Lindsey offers a complete range of current and voltage sensors for 200A and 600A pad-mount, metal-clad, underground, and submersible applications. When automating legacy pad-mount or underground switchgear without auxiliary power availability, Lindsey’s patented underground power supply installs quickly to provide a source of DC power for meters, radios, controls and RTUs.

  • High accuracy voltage (0.5% or 0.3% metering accuracy)
  • High accuracy (1% or 0.3%) current measurements
  • 200A ANSI load-break elbow and tee-body voltage sensors can also be used on 600A cable systems with a reducing well.
  • Cast-in cable option for submersible applications
  • Split-core current sensor provides installation flexibility
  • Ring-type current sensors are water tight and suitable for submersible applications
  • Underground power supply is fully submersible and provides 12VDC power with various ride through options.