Making Transmission and Distribution Smarter

Accurate, Real-Time Measurement


A mainstay in utilities, Lindsey sensors provide exceptionally reliable and highly accurate voltage and current monitoring for substation, overhead, pad-mount and submersible underground distribution applications.

Zero phase shift, superb harmonic performance and 0.5% voltage accuracy make Lindsey sensors ideally suited for Volt/VAR control, monitoring, and other distribution automation applications.


For transmission applications, the Lindsey TLM™ conductor monitor provides unparalleled insight into conductor behavior, including clearance-to-ground, temperature, current, and vibration through 765kV. The TLM seamlessly provides the critical data for Lindsey’s SMARTLINE™ dynamic line rating system.

Lindsey Sensors

Product Family

Transmission Line Monitor

The TLM monitor provides a complete picture of transmission conductor behavior in real time.


Underground Sensors

Medium voltage current and voltage sensing contained in familiar underground componentry.

Current Measurements equipment

Overhead Sensors

Medium voltage current and/or voltage sensing contained within a fully mechanical rated post insulator.


Our expertise & experience

Lindsey Sensors Are Key To A Better Grid

Lindsey has been developing, crafting and supplying sensors to the electric utility industry since 1987.

Setting the standard

Our initial line of medium voltage resistive voltage divider based voltage and current sensors, conveniently embedded into post insulators, have even become referred to as Lindsey sensors.
Hundreds of thousands have been installed over the past 25 years for good reasons:

  • Accurate to 1%, excellent harmonic response, and no phase shift on voltage and current provide the confidence needed for today’s Volt and VAR control applications
  • A mean time between failures (MTBF) exceeding 10,000 years means true install-and-forget reliability
  • Construction that meets all the electrical and mechanical requirements of post insulators provides endless installation options.

Expanding on proven technology

Over the years Lindsey has taken this same measurement technology and extended it to medium voltage underground systems:

  • Stainless steel housing-based Lindsey 600A Elbow Sense™ voltage sensors and ring-type current sensors; ideal for submersible applications
  • Lindsey 200A elbow and tee-body separable connector voltage sensors and split-core and ring current sensors are easily installed for pad-mount applications

TLM Monitor

Lindsey’s legendary reputation in transmission equipment and sensors combine in the unique TLM conductor monitor. The TLM is specifically designed to provide the live data feed necessary for accurate and reliable dynamic line rating and documenting line clearance compliance.

Highly refined from initial development at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, the TLM monitor contains a variety of advanced technologies including LiDAR, magnetic field power harvesting, and encrypted communications. Combined with Lindsey’s decades of EHV experience, the resulting self-powered, corona-free, comprehensive sensor package is designed for fast, hot line installation up through 765kV.