HARDWARE by Lindsey

The most innovative and reliable hardware in the industry

Lindsey has been producing the most innovative and reliable hardware in the industry since the company’s inception. Intelligently designed, ruggedly built, and always tested to ensure performance, Lindsey hardware remains the choice when failure is not an option.

T&D Assemblies
T&D Fittings
Conductor Clamps
Davit Arms
Pole Line Hardware
Stringing Equipment
Wood Pole Staples

Designed to Stay at 2 Percent

Hardware has one job: keep the conductor attached to the structure and in the air.

Transmission hardware supports tens of thousands of pounds of load that constantly moves, swings, expands and contracts. But this critical job is often taken for granted. Why? Because hardware usually accounts for less than 2% of a transmission line’s cost.

Poor hardware design, construction, and reliability account for more than 20% of all line outages. With a single line outage typically costing millions of dollars per day, choosing the right hardware counts.

We incorporate this knowledge into everything we do. Spending your 2% on Lindsey hardware is the best way to avoid spending more in hardware-related outages.


100 Percent Tested

Surprisingly, no standard requires a manufacturer to test its hardware before shipping to your job site. But Lindsey does. Whether required by your specification or not, Lindsey performs destructive lot testing on all load-rated hardware in accordance with IEEE-Standard C135.61. Why? By ensuring every piece of Lindsey hardware meets or exceeds published ratings, we know it will not fail in the field— today, tomorrow, or in 50 years. This is the heart of Lindsey; we can document the strength of every piece of load-rated hardware we have ever made.

In today’s world of corporate consolidations and hardware from anywhere, Lindsey provides the confidence that only comes from 100% testing.


Reliability is in the Details

From crafting yoke plates that bend rather than break, to ensuring maximum articulation in every joint, Lindsey engineers for the highest in reliability and maintainability.