Original Equipment Manufacturer Components

Vital Componentry for Medium Voltage
Padmount Equipment

Combining high reliability and decades of experience, Lindsey offers a variety of component parts for MV padmount fusegear and switchgear OEMs. Lindsey bushings, bushing wells, and padmount-specific sensors help OEMs develop cost-effective customer solutions.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Components

Product Family

Bushings and Bushing Wells

Lindsey 200A and 600A bushings provide superior performance in contaminated environments through 35 kV.


Voltage Sensing Standoff Insulators

Standoff insulator-style voltage sensors provide high accuracy and are flat through the 20th harmonic. Sensors are interchangeable with porcelain standoffs with standard 3-inch bolt circles.


Cable Accessory Voltage and Current Sensors

Lindsey offers a full range of voltage and current sensors for 200A and 600A padmount and submersible applications.

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