Touching High Voltage Every Day

Lindsey provides technically-innovative, cost­-saving products to the global electric utility industry. For more than 70 years we have engineered solutions to meet our customers’ challenges of building and maintaining a modern electrical grid.

Lindsey is the industry leader in Transmission Emergency Restoration Systems and our ERS system has helped major utilities around the world restore their grids in times of crisis. We are the leading supplier of high accuracy distribution class current and voltage sensors for the “Smart Grid”. Our Extra High Voltage line hardware is recognized as the most reliable and innovative in the industry. We have developed, tested, and installed our groundbreaking Transmission Line Monitors (TLM) and software for measuring and predicting dynamic line capacity. And we are currently developing a new line of products for grid security and resiliency.

Lindsey has assembled a veteran team of experts from across the industry with years of experience in high voltage design and testing, grid restoration and sensor technology. At Lindsey, we are dedicated to understanding the ever­-evolving requirements of the customer, emphasizing excellence in product innovation, quality, and customer service. The knowledge that the Lindsey team brings to each customer is based on a wide participation in IEEE and CIGRE, and awareness of the most recent NERC and FERC requirements for Grid Reliability.

Made in the USA

All Lindsey products are made in the USA.


Quality and Innovation Since 1947

Our History

Mr. L. E. Lindsey PE, founded Lindsey Manufacturing Company in 1947 working out of his garage in Pasadena, California with little more than his drafting board. At the time, the grids of electric utilities were rapidly expanding and the linemen needed labor-saving equipment that was safe and reliable, so L.E. set out to meet this new need with a few innovative products. Under his guidance, Lindsey developed and introduced several industry firsts, gaining a well­-deserved reputation for high quality, exceptional customer service and technical innovation. Listening to the needs of our customers and developing innovative solutions continue to the be the hallmark of Lindsey today.

Redefining what is possible


Dr. Keith E. Lindsey, current president of Lindsey and IEEE Fellow, continues to build upon the foundation laid by his father. After receiving his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and helping to lead the technical expansion of the industry, Dr. Lindsey has become recognized worldwide as an expert in transmission and distribution. Dr. Lindsey has authored many technical publications and participates in several national and international professional associations, including IEEE and CIGRE, applying his knowledge to set policy and direction for the electric utility industry worldwide.

Lindsey is located in Azusa, California, near Los Angeles

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