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NEW! 0.2% High Voltage Accuracy GEN2 Line Post Sensors

Lindsey’s GEN2 Line Post Sensors are now available in a High Accuracy option offering 0.2% Voltage Accuracy, making them the ONLY sensor choice for CVR, VVO and IVVC applications where economic returns depend upon voltage accuracy.

NEW! SMARTLINE AAR/881 Line Rating System

Lindsey’s proven SMARTLINE line rating platform now includes comprehensive ambient adjusted line ratings (ARR) and forecasts. Visit the SMARTLINE AAR/DLR page now.

Lindsey Systems is recognized globally as an innovator in the electric power industry. As a supplier of systems, products, and product solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity, Lindsey enables utilities to meet the challenges of the modern-day electrical grid.With 75 years of experience and a reputation as a thought leader in the industry, Lindsey Systems’ products are known around the world for reliability and performance.

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Ambitious engineering and decades of hands-on field experience have made Lindsey a leader in the energy transmission and distribution sector. We provide grid resiliency, smart grid, and T&D hardware products, all designed and made in California, USA.


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