Training & Software

Modular, reusable transmission tower systems

Nobody – nobody - trains better than Lindsey.


Nothing replaces training on your equipment in your locale. Lindsey training programs are led by ERS engineers with deep application knowledge and years of experience.

  • Use of Lindsey’s ProSpot ERS design software.
  • The design, erection, and anchoring of your ERS.
  • The construction tools and anchors your crews will use.
  • The construction methods you foresee; hand, crane and/or helicopter.

Lindsey will train at a central training facility, or even in the field on an actual job site. Your equipment. Hands on. Knowledge gained.


ProSpot® is Lindsey’s proprietary ERS

ProSpot Advantages

An emergency is no time to struggle with complex software. ProSpot® is Lindsey’s proprietary ERS software designed for rapid configuration and design of ERS towers – whether in the field or in the office.

ProSpot advantages include:

  • FAIL SAFE output – A Lindsey exclusive: If the design parameters selected will not result in a stable structure, no results are generated. No need for interpretation of pages of data. Only with ProSpot do you know that if you see it, you can build it.
  • Fast selection of tower types; no complex set up. Design any tower, whether or not originally envisioned with the ERS system purchase.
  • Limited input data requirements for fast design.
  • One page output containing plan and elevation views and all critical loading parameters.
  • No annual licensing fee.
  • May be freely copied within your organization, eliminating the need to purchase expensive software for casual users.
    • Lindsey ERS systems may also be designed with conventional commercial third party software such as PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE by Power Line Systems, Inc.