Tower Security Monitoring System

Transmission line structures weakened by tower steel theft may collapse without warning.

Lindsey’s SMARTLINE-TAMPER system provides early warning and detection of vandalism and sabotage of transmission towers.

Early Warning and Detection

Vandalism and Sabotage

Tower tampering – cutting of steel, removing bolts, etc. – is a common threat posed by individuals of various motivations. Weakened towers can collapse at lower wind loads than originally designed for, or expected. The result is reduced line security and extended line outages.

The SMARTLINE‐TAMPER system combines advanced tower tampering sensor technology with convenient web‐based reporting and activity logging.

Smart and Discrete

TLSM Tower Security Monitors

Installed on the energized (hot) end of an insulator string, self‐ powered Lindsey TLSM security monitors combine a unique, patented, combination of vibration and infra‐red sensors to pro‐ vide early warning of intrusion around the base of transmission towers while also detecting the cutting or unbolting of tower steel.

Smart Alarms provide a numerical indication as to the level of activity associated with the tampering event, providing additional confidence in determining how, and how quickly, to respond.

Built‐in satellite communications ensures each TLSM ensures coverage in the most remote locations with the need for any existing communication infrastructure.

Optional broken sub-conductor detection can also provide early warning of broken sub-conductors on monitored spans.

Secure Web‐Interface


SMARTLINE‐TAMPER is a secure, cloud‐based application providing encrypted access to all TLSM security monitors installed on your system. Accessible from any web browser, SMARTLINE‐TAMPER provides secure, two‐factor authorization security. Tower tampering activity triggers email or SMS message notification of one or more users.

TLSM monitors can be viewed on a map by line, or system‐wide. Comprehensive tower history provides complete information on all tampering activity at any given tower.


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