Overhead Sensors

Industry standard “Lindsey sensors” have provided the utility industry with exceptionally reliable voltage and current measurements for over 25 years. Highly accurate, with excellent frequency response and no phase shift, Lindsey sensors are embedded in a variety of full mechanical load-rated post insulator configurations provide endless installation options.

Hundreds of thousands of Lindsey’s line of medium voltage resistive voltage divider-based voltage and current sensors have been installed for good reasons:

  • Voltage only, current only, and combined voltage-current sensor models
  • High voltage accuracy (0.5% standard) provides the confidence needed for today’s demanding Volt and VAR control applications like CVR and VVO
  • 1% current accuracy
  • Mean time between failure (MTBF) exceeding 10,000 years means true install and forget reliability
  • No phase shift on voltage and current measurements
  • Versions available for demanding harmonic applications
  • Live line installation

Sensor Configurations

Roll over the images below to see the physical configurations available for ease of integration in your application. Find links to Lindsey sensors data sheets at the bottom of this page.

LINDSEY Overhead Sensors

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