Smart & Safe Transmission Forecasts
and Line Ratings

Dynamic line rating has come of age and has a new name: SMARTLINE.
Software that learns, not calculates.

What is smart about SMARTLINE? Ratings and forecasts built on actual measured data, not estimates. Simple and fast installation- no line outages required. A choice of dependable, out-of-the-box ready communications. Software your way- in the cloud or on your servers.

As this highway can carry more traffic, transmission lines usually have additional capacity.

Rating Smart

Traditional transmission line static ratings are intentionally developed to be exceptionally conservative. But these conservative ratings often limit operation of the grid.

SMARTLINE informs the utility of a transmission line’s true power handling capacity. Compared to first generation dynamic line rating (DLR) methods, SMARTLINE ratings are developed by actively learning how the conductor behaves with regard to conductor temperature, ambient temperature, load and the conductor’s exact clearance-to-ground.

SMARTLINE-DLR: Next Generation DLR

Dynamic line rating has always had one meaning: What is a line’s maximum instantaneous current carrying capacity while ensuring no thermal damage occurs. SMARTLINE-DLR can provide either this traditional – and basic – DLR or a more operationally useful clearance-enhanced DLR. This improved DLR rating results when the Lindsey TLM conductor monitors are installed on clearance-limited spans.

The use of clearance-limited spans ensures clearance requirements are not violated while also eliminating risk of conductor thermal damage. If the selection of monitored spans is given no consideration as to clearance limit monitoring, SMARTLINE-DLR provides basic DLR, consistent with traditional DLR solutions.

SMARTLINE-TCF – Transmission Capacity Forecasting

SMARTLINE‐TCF is a high accuracy transmission line capacity forecasting system combining learned conductor behavior modeling and reliability‐based rating and forecasting techniques to develop highly accurate forecasts. Capacity forecasts are provided in 1‐ to 48 hour increments with 99% or better accuracy, usable for operations and economic dispatch.

SMARTLINE‐TCF eliminates the dispatch and operational limitations associated with fixed capacity transmission assets.

The overall SMARTLINE system eliminates fixed-capacity transmission assets, and replaces them with a living set of transmission pathways whose capacities reflect real-time conditions. SMARTLINE is key to a true “smart” transmission grid.


Transmission Line Smart

When determining any line rating, the most important parameters are conductor temperature and clearance-to-ground. Carrying too much power for the conditions means:

  • Sagging into vegetation
  • Clearance violations
  • Damaged conductors

Ensuring clearance is vital. Yet static ratings and traditional dynamic line (DLR) ratings systems depend on estimates of sag, which itself only estimates clearance. SMARTLINE doesn’t use estimates of estimates; SMARTLINE looks directly at measured clearance.

Know Clearance; Don’t Estimate Sag

SMARTLINE uses Lindsey TLM monitors which provide real-time LiDAR measurements of conductor clearance. SMARTLINE is the ONLY continuous line rating system that uses actual clearance measurement information, not estimates of sag.

SMARTLINE forecasts and ratings result from looking continuously at the data that directly impacts a transmission line:

  • Clearance Distance to ground
  • Critical conductor information: Conductor temperature, current, and vibration provided by Lindsey TLM conductor monitors mounted on critical spans.
  • Real-time weather feeds and forecasts


SMARTLINE is a learning-based system that makes extensive use of statistical correlation and forecasting techniques to actively learn over time how line behavior varies with weather and load. This reliability-based nature means you can depend upon SMARTLINE as it uses the right data to provide reliable results.

After learning, SMARTLINE can provide forecasts of capacity from an hour to days in advance.


Installation Smart

Everything about SMARTLINE is installation savvy for simple, fast, cost-effective deployment.

  • Self-powered TLM conductor monitors quickly install on energized lines through 765kV. No taking lines out of service. No modifying dead-end structures. No climbing towers.
  • Multiple communication options that are ready to communicate out-of-the-box.
  • Both hosted and behind-the-firewall software installation options


Communications Smart

TLM monitors are fitted with a satellite radio with all data being passed directly to the Lindsey SMARTLINE Cloud server. TLMs can be located in the most remote locations. No dependence on any other communication infrastructure is required.

Software Smart


Cloud or Server-based options provide for flexible deployment.


The easy, secure and fast way to take advantage of SMARTLINE. All data is passed to the secure Lindsey Cloud server where SMARTLINE resides; always up-to-date, constantly monitored. No IT overhead, no additional IT expense. Weather data is similarly set up by Lindsey. The result is a simple data feed providing real-time capacity ratings and the forecasted ratings of your choice.


Provides the exact same capabilities of SMARTLINE Cloud installed on your own server, behind your firewall. All TLM data is passed through to IT and IT remains in control of all data. Software updates are issued as needed to ensure optimal results.