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Standoff insulator-style sensors are interchangeable with porcelain standoffs with a 3 inch bolt circle.

SVMI Style

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SVMI (standard voltage monitoring insulator) style sensors are smaller diameter voltage–only sensors intended for applications where voltage sensing may be required on both sides of a recloser or distribution switch. They are also ideal for use where higher accuracy is required than that provided by built-in capacitive voltage dividers.


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Clamp-top style sensors are tube style sensors that can replace any horizontal or vertical line post insulator. There is no need to cut the conductor, as a jumper passing through the sensing tube provides current sensing.

Tube Type

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Tube style sensors are used where a conductor can be threaded through and clamped to the stainless steel tubes, ideal for many substation applications.

Busbar Style

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Busbar style sensors are fitted with standard 2 or 4 hole NEMA pads, ideal for many substation applications.

Multicore Style

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Multicore-style design sensors allow the conductor to be lifted into the sensor, eliminating the need to cut the conductor or make a jumper. Sensors of this style that include current measurements are not recommended for applications where sensing harmonics is required.